Lash Extension Aftercare

Whether you have been having your lash extensions done for years or this is your very first set – there is an essential set of aftercare guidelines that you need know about and follow…

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Rule #1: Always wash lashes and eye area daily. Doing so will most certainly extend the retention of the adhesive bond and prevent eye infections! For best results use Gentle Eyelash Cleanser and EndureLash Cleansing Cloths in either the shower or over the sink to gently remove makeup and clean the lashes and lids.

  • Wet lashes
  • Spray cleanser directly onto closed eyelids and lashes
  • Using your ring finger gently sweep from top of lid, over the lashes in a downward motion 2 or 3 times each side
  • Rinse and repeat to remove any makeup
  • To dry gently with EndureLash Cleansing Cloth; press cloth into lashes to sponge away the water. Once the lashes are dry use the cloth again to feather the lashes back up and into place (see video)
  • As an extra step: Comb the lashes into place with a clean mascara wand from the top side of lashes, rolling outward. Only bump up from the bottom. Do not wiggle like you are putting on mascara!

Rule #2: No rubbing, or tugging at the extensions! Doing so could permanently damage your natural lash line. If the extensions are unbearable you should make an appointment to have them removed. Lash extensions might not be right for you. Some people develop an allergic reaction to lashes over time and some of you will find that your seasonal allergies are worsened by extensions. If that is the case you might consider a Lash Lift & Tint rather than extensions for the duration of your allergy season.

Rule #3: Keep lashes away from intense heat from the oven, bbq and open flame!!! You will singe the lashes and they will need to be removed and replaced. If this does happen make sure to add extra time to your next Relash Appointment.

Rule #4: Use ONLY makeup and cosmetics that are formulated for Lash Extensions. I cannot guarantee lash extension durability and retention when non extension safe products are used. I carry eyeliners and mascara formulated for lash extensions by Xtreme Lashes.

Rule #5: Use a good lash serum to condition and enhance your natural lash line. I offer 3 kinds that vary in price and are safe for lash extensions: Eyenvy, Xtreme Lashes Amplify and Senegence Solutions. Prices range from $60 to $135

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