Wolfe Brother’s Hydracolor Makeup

IMG_4762What a joy to meet the talented young Phoenix Chaytor and do the Elphaba makeup for her to sing ‘I’m not that girl’ (from the Musical ‘Wicked’) at the Red Deer Kiwanas Music Festival.  I wanted to buy the proper Mac ChromaCake makeup for the application but I didn’t have the time to order it online as this was a short order appointment. Instead I used my Wolfe Brother’s Hydracolor Essential Palette and I didn’t even really need to mix the Green colour.  I added some contouring over it and some light makeup around the eyes but since she was performing “I’m not that girl” from the Broadway Production of Wicked the makeup called for a ‘school girl witch’ makeup application as she is a young Elphaba and not the glammed up Elphaba we see later on in the production.  

I have used the Wolfe Hydracolor Palettes in the past for fun Halloween makeup applications and I stock my SPFX kit with them too just in case I have an Out-Of-Kit Character to create on the fly.  They have vibrant opaque pigments that you can build on and layer different colours easily and they stay in place as long as you need them too. I love that it is easy to remove with just some gentle soap and water.  Overall I would say this makeup application was a success.

I give this product 5 Stars!


Thanks again Phoenix. You did an amazing job!

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