Lash Extension Q & A

I wanted to throw in a blog about Lash Extensions because I have so many gals ask me questions about the subject so here goes.  The most common question I get asked, of course, is… Q: How much does it cost? A: Good question! Lash extensions are not cheap. It is a luxury services and […]

EyEnvy Conditioner Review

Let me tell you that I have tried some very expensive lash products and had very blazay results in the past. Latisse, for instance, was an expensive disappointment for me especially since I had seen some spectacular results from one believer in particular. It just didn’t live up to my expectations. Other than the price […]

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Do you ever find that you pop into the mall for a few things and find yourself in Sephora  just “window shopping”? It never fails… window shopping at Sephora always turns into a shopping spree. Luckily I had a personal shopper to help me out which is rare at this time of year. The store is literally […]

Michael by the creek

Yes! Not buying cheesy school photo’s was the right decision! Michael has some age related blemish issues and just despised the school photo proofs!  After some even worse retakes I made the decision NOT to conform to the convention of buying these overpriced pictures and had Abby Fitzpatrick Charlton Photography snap some gems! I moisturized and […]

Benny in a tree

I decided this year that I was done with the cheesy and expensive school photo’s that come out once a year and force parents to buy a package of some sort. Every year getting more and more expensive! This year, feeling a total annoying lack of control over how these pictures turn out I decided […]