Lash Extension Q & A


I wanted to throw in a blog about Lash Extensions because I have so many gals ask me questions about the subject so here goes.  The most common question I get asked, of course, is…

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Good question! Lash extensions are not cheap. It is a luxury services and is reflected in the price. Typically the price depends on the length of time you require for each appointment based on your personal tastes.  Usually $70 to $90 per hour (and up). Some Lash Extension Technicians charge more or less depending on experience, supplies used and training.  Good rule of thumb is “You get what you pay for!”.  I know its awesome when we get a fabulous deal but, in my own experience, that usually comes at a very high personal cost.  I thought that I was getting a great deal when I went to a lash tech who was a referral from a friend and was charging 30% less than my usual girl but I soon realized that the savings came from the poor quality of product she used and likely the training too.  The difference was shocking and so was my appearance!! My eyes were seriously irritated, swollen, red and I would have gratefully paid anything to have it fixed. Which I did because I had to pay my usual girl to have them removed and a new set anyway.

FYI all of my prices are listed here 🙂

Q: How long does it last?

A: This is a multi part answer because in most cases this depends on you.  A new set of lashes can last 2 to 4 weeks but your natural lash cycle will shed 20 to 50% of them off and you should book your fills accordingly.  Most adhesives can last 6 to 8 weeks but your own lash cycle will dictate how long they stay on. The reason is because, like all hair follicles, they have their own cycle: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen (or Baby – Teenager – Adult).   Lash tech’s try not to lash the babies for two reasons; babies won’t support most extensions and in a few weeks time those lashes will be teenagers and she will have a whole new crop of lashes to lash so she can make your set nice and full again.  In extreme cases a tech may try to attach an extension to a baby lash with a very thin sized extension to fill in gaps where there are only baby lashes but it is not recommended as it may damage that lash. Every once in a while you can have a natural seasonal mass-shed-off or if you are under a lot of stress or your eyes are irritated (allergies etc.)

If you see that your lashes are falling off (and your own lash with the follicle is not attached to the extension) then that is a different circumstance! The adhesive bond has been compromised and has broken down and there are a number of reasons why:

  1. Moisture has been introduced before it has had time to cure (within the first 3 to 6 hours of the procedure) and has broken down the adhesive bond, likely leaving behind a clump of glue on the lash. There are a number of reason that can cause this: Crying or watery eyes, heavy creams, oils, airbrush or spray tanning, excessive steam or moisture, eye drops and waterproof makeup (anytime) to name a few.
  2. Low quality adhesive! Yes part of the expense I was talking about earlier is in large part due to the cost of lash extension supplies adhesive.  A 5ml bottle of the good stuff can cost $90 to $100USD  plus tax, shipping and exchange rates. Certain lash companies will de-certify technicians who are found using another brand of adhesive for that reason. Low quality adhesive will almost always cause irritation! XTREME Lash Rapid Cure Adhesive cures completely and is waterproof in 3 hours. It is also the highest grade lash adhesive product on the market.
  3. Poor technique.  Yes, I’m sorry to say but there’s no better way to put; if your tech is fairly new or just doesn’t have a refined technique then the extension will not adhere to the natural lash and fall away. Usually because there is way too much adhesive used or in some cases not enough. MOST of the time the technician is just not correcting mistakes, removing the lash and adhesive and relashing the lash.
  4. Lash extensions are not for you! They aren’t for everyone! If you find that you have a hard time abiding by the aftercare maybe its just a ‘special occasion only’ type thing or not at all!  Either way be honest with yourself… ask yourself: are you using any products that will make them fall off? If so don’t waste your money on an expensive set of lashes. Most good tech’s can tell the difference between the adhesive deterioration from rubbing or picking and poor lashing technique. Well… I can anyway.
  5. Sleeping on your side or face down. If you are a side sleeper inevitably you will lose more lashes on the side that you sleep on. Try adjusting your pillow so it props your face off the side of the pillow rather than have your head nested in the centre of the pillow. Better yet learn to sleep on your back! I can easily tell which side my clients sleep on because I usually need to put at least 20% to 30% more lashes on that side during a two week fill.

Either way don’t be afraid to ask her why this is happening on your next appointment or come back in sooner so she can take a look.  If you feel as though you have taken very good care of your lashes and they seem to fall away quickly collect your lashes and bring them to your next appointment. If the lash extension falls away from the natural lash more than half of the time before your next appointment than either your natural lash turn over cycle is greater than your appointment schedule or it might be time to look for a new tech. If you do collect the lashes and you find that they do have the natural lash still attached more times than not that will be a red flag.  Now it is rare but still totally possible that your lash cuticles are closed and just does not accept the adhesive bond.

Q: Why are my eyes irritated?

A: See part two of the last answer (Low Quality Adhesive) and also:

  1. Allergic reaction. Yes I did say allergy! In most cases where you have been getting your lashes done for some time by your favorite tech it may be that you have developed an allergy.  Seasonal allergies are sometimes to blame and it happens that the added fumes of the glue just sets off a massive reaction. If this happens you may decide to take a break during that time when your eyes are most susceptible to seasonal allergies.
  2. Sensitive eyes.  It’s not for everyone and if you find that you are one of those gals who have very sensitive eyes that are constantly watery then you should probably discuss it with your tech whether it is the right option for you.  Personally I have advised clients who have very sensitive and watery eyes that this is just not a good idea to proceed with the appointment.

I think that should answer your questions… but I have a few other tips for you.

  1. Hygienic application of your lashes is of the highest importance… make sure that your face and lashes are clean and free of makeup and lotions for your appointment.  Also make sure your tech has clean tools and hands!  Most tech’s prepare for your appointment but don’t hesitate to ask!
  2. Do not wear contact lenses to your appointment and avoid wearing contact lenses at least for the 3 hours following the appointment!
  3. Avoid water and steam around the face and lashes for 3 hours following the appointment. Some adhesives require 24 hours cure time.
  4. Watch out for hot ovens! I see many a pizza oven tragedy!  The waft of intense heat can not only burn your face but will surely destroy your lashes!
  5. Avoid using oil products and waterproof makeup on your extensions as it will surely break down the compound of the adhesive. Xtreme Lashes has a mascara (and a full cosmetic product line) that is safe for your lashes.
  6. If you love a nice airbrushed or spray tan make sure to tell your airbrush tanning technician to avoid your lash extensions and pass on the spray tan booths. Some tanning solutions will break down the adhesive compound.
  7. Do NOT have lash extensions done if you have any eye infections or have had recent surgeries or procedures.
  8. Try not to drink coffee or stimulants before the procedure as it makes it hard to lay still and relax. The more relaxed and still you are the easier it is for your technician to attach the extensions.
  9. If you fall asleep do not forget that you are having a lash procedure done as you may cause yourself injury if you flinch or wake up with a start. The tech’s tools are very sharp!
  10. Ask what certification your technician has.  No matter what company her training is with it is important that she is certified!
  11. Give your lash tech at least 24 to 48 hours notice (or more) if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Some Lash Technician’s charge a No-Show fee or worse… She may not re-book you!
  12. Silk pillow cases are not only good for your lashes but your hair and skin too. I recommend investing in a lovely silk pillowcase if you sleep on your side or stomach and even if you sleep on your back because its good for your hair too.  For side sleeping adjust your pillow so that it is back from your eyes.  Stomach sleepers: just don’t!
  13. This is the biggest one…. WASH YOUR LASHES!!! Everyday with a lash ckeanser or shampoo.  XTREME Lashes Canada provides an effective and safe lash cleanser and makeup remover formulated by Jo Mouselli RN.  In the shower: emulsify a drop of the the shampoo in the palm of your hand and gently rub the lid and base of the lashes and rinse off under the shower stream. Makeup and debris left at the base of the lashes means that you will pay your lash tech to clean your lashes longer and less for lashing time and you will also be suffocating your precious lashes and will restrict their growth.
  14. A great lash serum WILL GROW YOUR LASHES! I recommend it to all my lash and makeup clients. Its loaded with peptides and vitamins and will help repair trauma to the lash line and nourish the lashes at the root so they will grow longer and thicker so that there are more lashes to lash at your next appointment!

If you have more questions do not hesitate to fill out the contact form below and ask!

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