Lash Class Academy

Now Available!

Lash Class Academy Classic 101 

and be a companion manual to my Classic Lash Extension course offered in my studio in the heart of Okanagan in beautiful, Kelowna BC.

The course was created following the NALA (National Lash Artist Association) Classic Lash Extension Training Course Accreditation Standards so that students can be sure that they are getting the very best education available on the market today as they begin their education journey into the art of Lash Extensions.  

Whether you are new to Lash Extensions and wanting to take the course or if you have already taken a course but were not given a manual, this book is available to you!

To purchase the

  • Lash Class Accademy Classic 101 Manual – Hard Cover Edition: $200 plus taxes & shipping
  • Lash Class Accademy Classic 101 –  PDF Version: $165 plus taxes
  • Printable PDF Client Profile & Consultation Forms: $50 plus taxes
  • Printable PDF Troubleshooting Guide $50 plus taxes


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