Xtreme Lash Extensions

The pictures and video in this gallery are all real pictures and video of my work.  Many of you will have questions and are welcome to ask by filling out the contact form below.

I have also posted a blog about the most frequently asked questions I get from my lash clients:

Lash Extension Q&A 


New Set Lash Extension Prices!

Full Set Volume Lash Extensions: $200

Demi Set Volume Lash Extensions: $175

Mini Set Volume Lash Extensions: $125


Xtreme Lash products are the absolute highest quality available in North America. I use only Xtreme Flex Fusion Rapid Cure Adhesive (which is best for even the most sensitive eyes, cures completely in 3 hours and is formaldehyde free) and Xtreme Volume Lashes Extensions.  Most clients find they come for lash fills every 3 weeks however your Fill Appointment schedule is dependent on your look preference, your lash shedding cycle, and of course your budget!

Relashing Appointments: 

30 Minute Fill $45

45 Minute Fill $60

60 Minute Fill $80

75 Minute Fill $90

90 Minute Fill $100

Add only $10 for each additional 15 minutes added to the appointment after 1 hour!!!



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